Setting new standards in combating serious certification fraud within the healthcare sector.

It is the obligation of any accreditation body within the healthcare sector to provide validation within certification. All TrainerQuals Accredited e-Certificates are accompanied with a Learning Outcomes Summary that also includes essential security features.

Combating Fraud

TrainerQuals are proud to lead the way with protecting the integrity of your award and combating dangerous certification fraud within the healthcare sector. Our e-Certificates contain a number of security features to prevent unauthorised alteration or reproduction and our certification is protected by a secure online certificate validation system for every award.


TrainerQuals e-Certificates are produced to the highest standards. They include security features that will clearly identify them as original TrainerQuals Accredited Awards.

All our e-Certificates include:

  • Personalised learner data
  • Unique certification numbering
  • The signature of the TrainerQuals Accreditation Body Chair
  • A unique QR code linked to our secure online certificate validation system.

These security features ensure our Accredited e-Certificates are almost impossible to duplicate, giving regulatory and inspecting bodies confidence in the authenticity of a learners certificate of achievement.